Monday, July 13, 2009

Malacca Mayhem ft. Torapelai

When we were driving around and not being able to find signboards for Perigi Hang Li Po (yes, I wanted to go there so badly), we decided to stop by a petrol station to ask for directions. Malacca people are really friendly people (except for the bitch at Jonkers).

"Macam mana nak pergi Perigi Hang Li Po?"

"Oh, senang je. You pusing keluar, lepas tu pusing kiri then you nampak torapelai."


"Lampu isyarat la. Lepas tu you pusing kanan, terus saja."

Later on after we drove off, we finally understood what was torapelai.

Telaffic laight = Torapelai = Traffic Light.

Hahaha, that person was so funny. Good sense of humour dude. And thanks to him, we found our way :-)

Sometimes, things are best unplanned. You take off on a journey completely without knowing what to do next, and that's when the best things happen.


Huai Bin said...

You know, they say that drinking from the well makes you go back to Melaka. :)

princessKamen said...

really?? but what i heard was ur wish will come true haha so i make wish only la.
desperate times call for desperate measures hahaha