Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weak, that's her.

And nobody hears her silent cries.
And nobody hears her screaming inside.

Perhaps, it ain't blank after all.

There's a name, that she's yearning to call.
It just never comes out, no matter how hard she tries.

I really want to tell, about everything and anything.
Not just to anyone.
I really want to share, all my problems and worries.
About my life.
Not like you care anyway.

Perhaps, it's just a fucked up day.

If you really had the heart... If you really did...
It wouldn't be this way till today.

For a moment, I really thought I'd hate you.
Boy, what have you done?
To make my emotions become involuntary.

Cuz I can't seem to hate you, at all.

这片海未免也太多情, 悲泣到天明


peiling said...

become involuntary d?

princessKamen said...

yea, too much of criminal law.. it affects the words i use now hahaha. involuntary wtf.