Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too many lies commited, too many games.

And it was the last Hennessy event of the year at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena :-)

Bloody packed. And again, thanks Andy for getting me into the guest list, and thanks to James for the VIP pass (yes, I had two different passes that night -___- )

Free flow of Hennessy entire night with relatively good music. Met a few unexpected people and met a few new people. A fun night nevertheless :-)

Hell lot of pictures ahead.

Rozie, she's really nice :)

Amanda! First person I met that night

I'm taller than her, for once! :D

With Angeline, Adrian and Alton. All the A's.
It's a sign, my exams :D

Ya, I stole this picture.


Andrew, the one who mails us about everything in MWR :D

Ovi, she looks so cute in her pink dress :3

Omfg, guess who I met Chingy? Chun Kiattt!

The first thing I thought about was his Sunsilk hahaha wtf -____-

With Josh, Amanda, Derek, Jing Shia and James
(I'm really sorry I couldn't remember the one behind Amanda...)

Alton! Thanks for smuggling me into the other VIP section lol

Jinnnnnn! He never fails to remind me of a Simpson character ><

Guess who's home from kiwiland :)

Jonnyyy! Mr. J :-)

The crazy crowd I

The crazy crowd II

Derek, poser :P

Julian, one of the new people I met that night :)

With Jonny, Alton, Angeline and Erina (I don't know how to spell her name)

Yes, camwhores x)

Daniel, really funny guy

Ugh, Jonny's expression looks as if his legs are gonna break anytime.
I'm not -that- heavy okay, bitch.

One of the first things he said to me: I've lost 4 kgs.

And I'm nowhere near that, shit. This is definitely depressing.

Andyy! Didn't manage to take many pics with him :(

Adrian, another funny guy hehe
Him and Angeline, tsk. Evil people :P

They were a really fun bunch of people. T'was a fun night indeed.

All pictures in the Facebook album, as usual ;-)

Yes yes, study. Now stfu.


Kingston said...

Pfftttttt....... Not Impressed!

princessKamen said...

ur just jealous bo :P