Saturday, August 29, 2009

Always With Me

Was scrolling around looking for a movie to watch and for some reasons unknown to myself, I made up my mind to watch this.

Spirited Away - 千と千尋の神隠し.

Ya, the one where the girl - Chihiro's parents became pigs and she had to work in the weird place in order to save her parents. And she met Haku there (Yea, the dragon dude). Come to think of it, it was 8 years ago since that movie first came out!

It had always been my all time favourite, and I remember I watched it twice in the cinema and a gazillion times on the VCD (Yea, back in those days it was still the VCD era). I loved the show, so much that I decided to blog about it -____-

Somehow, the ending almost got me crying. It's a pretty meaningful show actually and the plot was awesome. Chihiro and Haku were so cute!

Sigh. If only they came up with a Part II or something. I'd soooo watch it.

Oh, and I love this piano piece (Haha like you people don't already know that I love piano pieces). It's the ending theme for the movie - いつも何度でも (Always With Me)

Sorry for the pretty disturbing picture in the video though. Couldn't find a better one :-x

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