Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If I Said Go, Would You Stay?

I can't help but anticipate, so badly, for bloody exams to be over. Let's just pray I get through it. There goes another round of endless writing for 3 hours. Ugh.



Is it me or what? It somehow feels as if time is passing by faster than it did last time. It's August already! Then it'll be the Mooncake Festival, Halloween and then it's Christmas again. Yea, again. Christmas huh...

Oh ya, my birthday comes before that wtf. Not like I anticipate it much though.

Sigh. I've been crapping too much. See, this is how exam screws your brain up. And you'll go to sleep citing cases and thinking about the endless exceptions they have to the not-so general rules. Oh, did I say sleep? I meant two hours actually.

One of the soundtracks in Black & White :-)

有時候 我真的覺得好寂寞
雖然你甚麼都沒說, 只是緊緊的抱著我
卻輕輕對我說, 我只是普通的朋友
愛的感覺不同, 付出的愛沒有結果

Sometimes, I feel very lonely
Even if you never said anything
You just held me tightly, gently telling me that
We're just friends.
The love is different, this fruitless love of mine.

想不透 我知道自己沒有錯

I don't get it, I know I'm not wrong
Foolishly letting love become a form of torture
You don't care about me at all
I still love without hesitation
I always chose to give in.

Bloody song.

Okay, surprisingly this song didn't emofy me much. I'm amazed at myself, like seriously. I like the lyrics very much, yes I do. But heck, I didn't get all emo and moody and shit. Damn I'm good.

P.S. Ah, time flies. It's the 11th already. I didn't forget.

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