Thursday, August 06, 2009

Seriously, do not read this unless you're really bored.

So, I was talking to this erm, bitch till he suddenly brought up a very random thing. Don't ask why he's a bitch.

Haha no worries, he won't sue me for defamation (for calling him a bitch) HAHAHAHA WTF. I just had to rub this in. Okay, sorry, an inside joke which only the Jan intake students would be able to understand.

Jonny says (11:13 PM):
*FB is acting shitty

.....heart, kamen ❤ says (11:13 PM):
*why? wats wrong with fb

Jonny says (11:14 PM):
*i got banned

.....heart, kamen ❤ says (11:14 PM):

Jonny says (11:15 PM):
*impersonating a famous person

.....heart, kamen ❤ says (11:15 PM):
*are you sober

Wtf, yea I know. But I found this so funny during the moment that I had to post it up hahaha.

Oh oh, enjoy your Kelantan trip during the weekend. All the best with the game yo! Yea, Jonny and Nick's gonna be on tv wahaha. I can still remember myself laughing like an idiot when I first saw them on TV. It was hilarious. Some programme (Discover Smile! Zoom Malaysia) hosted by 8tv every Wednesday night., 9.30 pm.

Find out more over here in Jonny's post :-)

In case you're curious, Ya, I'm still attached to the show. FML. Now goodbye.



It's 5.03 am now. My show finally ended. Fuck, you know what? It's so good that I feel like re-watching it again. Yes, I shall. Man, I love this show. I'm so gonna buy the complete series when it comes out (Apparently it ain't in shops yet).

It'll be aired on Malaysia television soon, end of August if I'm not mistaken. It sucks to be following the episodes, trust me. You'll want to continue watching more. Definitely the best drama I've watched in the past three years, at the very least.

Goodnight, and Good Morning.

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peiling said...

I knw the show is addictive!!!hahahah