Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'd Still Have My Love, We Would Still Have Us.

Went for some drinks with Flo, Aaron and Shahrin at Somo, near Plaza Mont Kiara after dinner. Quite a decent place for a place to chill out with friends. Located right next to Coffee Beans and near Baskin Robbins. Oh, and it closes pretty late :-)


Skewers! :9

Was suppose to go to Penang today, but couldn't make it anymore due to some reasons :-(

Sigh. I wanna go on a trip somewhere. It's sickening and tiring to be in town right now, I can't tell you why cuz I don't know it myself. I just feel like it. Visiting random places and maybe get lost on the way, taking random pictures, laughing along like nothing ever happened. Jeez, this is depressing.

Let's go to Penang and hit the beach. Let's go to Malacca for some cendol that only Malacca has. Let's go to Genting for the cool weather. Let's even go to Cameron for some strawberries. Let's go... wherever. As long as it's away from this town.


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