Monday, August 10, 2009

Webcam Love.

This is what you call post-exam stress. Both of us came home from exams today and this somehow happened. (Xin went visiting to Chingy's house)

Apparently, they were trying to scare me.


Okay, decent looking one.

I swear, our conversations are always very... pathetic. And I think only we could understand these lame things.

"Eh, let's go Taman Desa Water Park."

"Har har. Very nice I'm sure......"

"Let's go Genting."

"Ya wei. It's been ages since we've been there together! The last time was like, my first boyfriend WTF. And now I'm even dumped by my third already. How long ago was that."

"Haha. How many guys have I seen since then."

"This is bad."


And after a while, Chingy kinda erm, pretended to sleep I think.

"Eh Ching Mun, anyonghasaeyo. Saranghaeyo."

"Anyonghasaeyo chau hai you la."


*inside joke*

I can't wait for exams to be over. I've never written for 3 hours straight, without stopping. And this is the first time I actually thought I won't have enough time. And those that know me since high school, they'll know that I'll never have not enough time. My hand is so numb.

And speaking about exams, fuck Woolf. Seriously. I spent the entire night memorizing shits about his bloody reforms. And no shits came out.

Now who said that it was very important.

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