Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Exams are so near that it ain't funny anymore.

A friend posted this on Facebook, found it interesting and decided to share it here.

After watching this, I can't help but sigh. (Dramaaaa) But yes, it is that depressing being a law student, no joke. Had you ever came across a situations like this where you meet family members during some sort of gathering or you meet a new friend and they ask:

A: So, what are you doing? (referring to studies of course)

and you try to put it in a way that the-topic-stops-there-and-they-won't-give-you-shocked-expressions-with-big-eyes. So you gently brush it off by saying, "I'm doing my law degree... still studying..."

Then they give you the wtf shocked face with big eyes and say, "LAW AH??"

That's it. They did it. I don't know why, but that's the one of the two standard expressions that people give when you tell them that you're doing the subject. Then they'd start talking about how prestigious it is and how you can get a well paid job. By that time, your mind has already filtered the things being said and all that's in your mind is,

"Meh, I'm still struggling trying to pass my first year."

Well, there's also another reaction. Yes, there's even a real life example of this. It happened to a friend of mine during one of her family gatherings.

A: What does your daughter's friend study in university? (refers to her then boyfriend)

B: Engineering.

A: Oh, those that simply build houses and in the end runtuh wan la. Then what bout *some relative's name*'s daughter?

B: If I'm not mistaken, she's doing Medicine...

A: Neh, those that give wrong prescriptions and in the end people die. What about your daughter?

B: She's doing law only... still studying, still studying.

A: "Oh, lawyers. In other words, liars lah."

My friend wanted to slap that relative so much at that point of time. Yes, there are some certain relatives who are as irritating as that.

So yea, watch that vid! :D

I know, this is bloody random. Blame the exams. It's messing me up so much that I feel guilty whenever I do something else and not studying.

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