Friday, August 07, 2009

Now What Do I Do?

Sigh. My show has ended. Now I regret watching the show so quickly. I should've limited myself to 3 episodes per night or something like that.

You know, the contradicting feeling you get when you hang onto episodes. It's like you want to continue watching more and more each day. Then when it's almost coming to an end, you're wishing that the show won't end - and at the same time, the storyline gets so kan cheong that you can't help but press "Play" for the next episode. Thank god I'm not streaming it online. I'd die if it stops halfway.

That explains the reason why I sleep only during the wee hours just before dawn these few days. Okay, I won't talk about the show anymore or I'll lose readers soon. I'll shut up.

Oh, I just you-tubed every video related to that show. That's how addicted I am to that show. FTS.

Exams in 3 days' time. Deng. Now I shall start praying hard. I secretly can't wait for it to be over. After this week, the burden is off me and I can sleep in peace, or at least for a week or two before results are released.

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