Wednesday, August 05, 2009


There'll only be shadow, at the place where the sun shines.

This is definitely not good. I'm serious.

For the past few nights, I've been staying up till almost dawn. I've been so caught up with this show it's hard to stop. You know, how episodes stop at the very crucial part and it's so irritating that you can't stand but to watch the next episode? Yeah, that.

I've been sleeping at 4 am for the past two nights. Last night, I only slept at 5 am. And for those who know me, they'll know that it's far from ordinary for me. FML.

Of course I didn't forget about my studies. I studied in the afternoon just so that I could watch it at night (with less guilt) wtf.

And now I'm worried that the show will be over and I'll have no more to watch. Wtf.

Oh, and I even changed my wallpaper into this -__________-

Actually, I'm not the type who'd simply change my wallpaper, in fact, I hardly change it and just leave it there. And that's an entire stupid story. Reason? I spent one afternoon trying to fix the wallpaper.

What do I mean by fix you ask. Well, if you compare the first image and the image as my wallpaper, it's inverted, like a mirror image. For a very obvious reason, duh. I didn't want the icons to be blocking Vic's face. So I was desperate to switch him to the right side.

BUT, I know nuts about photoshop. Yes, I'm one of those who can't photoshop FFS. So I struggled. I struggled using all sorts of stuffs like Picasa and even resorted to Paint. To no avail.

My final resort? HAHA. Don't ask. I was checking desperately for any photoshop-per in my list to be online, but all were offline. Then, one unlucky person signed in and I interrogated him to do it for me, okay not exactly but yea, I asked for help. Bloody hell, it only took a few minutes. I was like wtf, I spent an afternoon on it.

Okay okay, I suck at all these things alright. Now don't laugh.

Yes, watch the show. It's good I tell you, and I'm not biased this time. It's bloody good.

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