Monday, August 03, 2009

Anywhere But Here.

Okay, so here's the thing.

Exams are in less than a week. Damn, it's coming nearer towards me.

My heart is anywhere else, but the books.

I've been constantly addicted to watching stuffs. First, it was Cyril (magician/illusionist) and now it's Black & White (or rather known as 痞子英雄, a Taiwanese drama).

I'm also caught in a perpetual state of hunger. I'm in deep shit, and getting into deeper shit. FTS.

Somebody tell me what happened to my attention span. I keep getting so distracted by almost anything.

And I am secretly hoping that the time would fast forward itself and when I open my eyes, it's already two weeks later, wtf. (Yea, I still have my Criminal paper left during the 2nd week but doesn't matter, I'd manage that).

Cuz two weeks later, I can laze around at home, be a couch potato and possibly, party a little. (well, it's post exams! What d'ya expect?)

I'm so fat that it's pulling me into another level of depression. Oh, did I mention that already? See, it bothers me so much that I feel like slashing those fats out bit by bit. Wtf.

Someone told me that I'll never get back to the size I was half a year ago. Yes, I have very motivating friends.

I'm afraid, of my Consti & Admin book. Very afraid that I don't even dare touch it. Yes, delusional.

I swear, Facebook and Twitter - they're buddies with Procrastination.

Okay, time to look for food and watch more shows hit on the books and start harassing their sexy pages wtf.

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