Thursday, August 27, 2009

That's when time stops.

Went for dim sum with Flo and Aaron at Jaya Palace Restaurant. Gosh, the dim sum was so good that it was almost orgasmic. Would've ate more if I had a stomach like Flo. She's literally the Eating Machine. Let's just say, she never eats enough.

The best siu yuk (Roasted pork) I've ever had.

Ha kau! Their prawns were so fresh :9

My ultimate love - Siu loong pau.

Their egg tarts were yummylicious. Honestly, I'm a huge fan of egg tarts. Their egg tarts were so soft that it's like it almost melts in your mouth.

Erm, the yam thingy called "Wu kok". Any idea what it's called in English? :-/

This was gooood. I never liked sweet potatoes. But these could definitely be an exception. It's something like a dessert I guess, definitely worth a try.

Oh oh, and their porridge rocks! I'm soooo gonna go back again <3

Meet Saddam. I hate this bitch (Okay, it's a male). It barked even before we entered the house and apparently, it'll run after you to bite you. And it looks like it's constantly frowning.

O hai, Hussein.

Hush Puppy! <3

It's so damn cute and friendly, and not to mention - very very playful. Apparently, it shits a lot too. Poor boy, I don't know why the owner prefers the other mop (Saddam, he looks like a mop) over him. He's a gazilion times cuter than that.

Sigh. I'm gonna miss Flo :-(

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