Monday, August 17, 2009


Exams are over! Like, finally.

Left to Mid Valley, Gardens almost immediately with Pei Ling, Mia and Jed :-)

It's still kinda hard to accept the fact that exams are over (well, if I don't do badly). And I'm like so not used the going-home-and-studying-immediately-till-I-sleep kinda thing. Never mind bout that, I'll get used to it in no time :D

Pei Ling, my partner in crime.

Jed & Mia, the pretty.

This is what they do when I'm singing :x

Jeddd! It's impossible not to bully him >:-P

Us :-)

And how can I forget her, my love.

Yes, met up with her later on and shopped through the entire Telawi at Bangsar. Sad, couldn't find anything though cuz most of the shops were almost closing already.

Yeap, so that's Day 1 of post exam. There'll be more, I'm sure. So damn sure :P

Let me enjoy myself for a bit after all those stressful nights and prepare to face those days to come (when results are out) /omg

Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow...


peiling said...

OMG...damn efficient la uuu..haha

princessKamen said...

nope. I still can't upload the pics to FB... tonight's connection is a bit screwed. It keeps failing :((