Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shawty Fire Burning On The Dance Floor!

LOL. The title definitely means something to us - like, something really hilarious.

Woke up really early in the morning and drove off to Lake Garden to erm, picnic with Chingy, Jia Xin, Linda and Xin. Yes, picnic. But we didn't really have substantial food actually... not exactly very healthy haha.

Yeap, took off the party dresses and heels, minus the night sky. We woke up for the morning sun and picnic!

The sun, however, was crazily hot. Like, super hot it felt like it was burning our skin. Yea, that bad.

Xin and Linda carrying the heavy chilled drinks.

Okay, we had to take turns.

Finally settled down after lots of consideration.

We even considered snakes wtf. I swear, there's a bloody high possibility that a snake would attack us anytime there.

The creepy bush behind Jia Xin, we literally packed and ran away immediately.

FTS. Bloody stalker.

Actually, we could've sued him for indecent assault under s3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. No kidding.

Wanted to make our way to the boat/canoe ride near the lake. The people in charge were out for lunch and it's gonna take them forever to come back.

Seriously, they really have loooooong lunch hours. So we decided to move on to Titiwangsa for our boat ride (and continue our so-called picnic trip).

Chingyyy! <3

Took hell lot of pictures over there. These are like, a super small portion out of everything wtf.

Upon reaching Titiwangsa.

This really looks like an advert for 100Plus and the Lychee jelly.

Those people were off for Lunch too (bloody hell). And we had to wait for an hour half. So yea, Xin was really excited about blowing bubbles.

No, the bubbles around Chingy weren't exactly blown by her...

Chingy's Emo Dream World

Our Boat Ride!!!

Now I feel like cutting my hair haha wtf.

It's bloody tiring to paddle the boat. Really tiring. Really really tiring.

Result of the day?

I'm very tanned, with a weird white line on my left wrist. Reason, I was wearing a watch. Oh, and the straps of my wedges. I have very nice lines on my feet now.

Oh yea, tribute to Chingy's already non-existent Jelly. Called me early morning to tell me that she was beyond pissed cuz her maid accidentally smashed it on the floor. (She was very very very excited about bringing her jelly for the picnic).


Nevertheless, it was a day well spent. Had lots of laughs together with lots of gay stuffs. Wtf.

It's really good, when old friends all come back together and spend quality time like this before everyone splits and leaves overseas, pursuing a further step in life. It's gonna be harder when it happens.

Ah, we'll meet up somewhere in the England. I repeat, England - not Scotland :P

Edit: Okay, I removed the video. View it through FB. :-)

"Eh, Ching Mun. Anyonghasaeyo." (self explanatory)

"Xin, konnichiwa moshi moshi." (Her half jap boy)

"Yea, I'm the lonely one."

Ching: "How they say hi ah?"

"They speak English."



Pictures coming soon.

Now don't ask me out during the day anymore, not under the sun. No.

Okay, there are exceptional cases when I'd come out :DD

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