Thursday, November 13, 2008


Don't blame me for the lack of updates. I actually had the initiative to blog - really. But it just doesn't come. For the umpteenth time, I don't know what to blog on. I think it's some kind of sickness thingy which comes and attack bloggers once in a while so that they start neglecting their blogs.

Why do hearts get broken? Why can't they be made so strong that they won't be broken? Why must they be so fragile? Sigh. Recently, hearts are getting broken, and never mended. Move on babe, you deserve a much better one. We all love love your smile. =)

By the way, I've finally got my very own blogshop which is one in a gazillion number of blogshops there are nowadays. No, I do not sell clothes. I'm too lazy to sell clothes, and I don't wanna steal business from my other three darlings.

*click click*

Yes, the name was a last minute kinda thing. Here, we sell branded Perfumes, Cosmetics and also Skincare products at low prices. Guys, don't run away. Guys also need perfume and skincare! Perfume can make you smell very nice and maybe girls might come after you when you put perfume! And skincare can get rid of those irritating pimples - so, why not? :D

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