Saturday, November 15, 2008

If you really have so much time....

Hello blog.

It's the middle of night - okay, not really in the middle, but pretty middle. I'm lost of things to blog. The evil you-can't-think-of-anything-to-blog disease is still bothering me. Currently, it's just these few things that's been on my mind:

*little miss despicable*

Makes me happy everytime I think about it, am I a sadist? Okay lar, I won't talk about it anymore since someone alrady gg-fied. After the entire world thinks I'm some crazy bitch who still laughs at her gg-fied partner (mind me, I can't think of any better word - I've tried my best) - cuz our little miss despicable will use her amplifier and tells the world that I'm a bitch.

Or maybe not. Since LiHong* said I'm so godlike (dota??) to her, she'll idolize me and perhaps think I'm cool?

*LiHong said: no la, maybe people like you very much and idolize you that's why follow you.

Stop the pointless crap. How pointless can this pointless post get anymore.

2) Bangs.

NO! Not the bang that you're thinking bout. Bangs as in, fringe? But I don't want to look lk I'm having a coconut shell on my head....


but i see everyone with bangs look so nice wan??


Me: *sheepishly* eheh...I want tell the person I want bangs like this mah.

Don't worry, I'm not a stalker. :) don't run awayyyyy

3) I somehow got reminded about this suddenly.

LiHong: ehh. This shop sells cheaper perfumes than you!!! *name of shop censored*

*After checking*

Me: where got la. The ones I sell are 50 or 100 ml la. Those normal perfumes. The shop sell all 3 ml or 5 ml leh. Buy what. I go toilet once also can give you that edi. If drink more water, jia lat lo.

LiHong: ....

Yes, we're sophisticated and classy people pretty gay when it comes to conversations most of the time.

*Remember our talk about how CM will slap and molest LiHong's baby and me dropping it? Oh yeah, and xin's talk about her beloved imaginary husband - Wu Chun. And our nay fren from India JX! XD

4) And thus, reminded me of...

It's pretty hard to find a bunch of friends who really click well with you -really. As in, clickety-click type of click. You're really comfortable with each other, and you know each other so rottenly well that despite knowing all their flaws and horrible sides (ok la, not horrible - just to stress on the flaws), you still love them so much.

How often do you talk comfortably that you can swear and bitch around without worrying about how people'll think about you the next minute?

How often does crap comes out from your mouth so naturally when you're talking to them?

How often do you find a friend where you can be so open and confide everything into them?

How often do you find friends which are... all of the above?

There were times when we did argue and got angry at each other (haha don't you feel stupid thinking back at the dumb things we did last time?) and there were times that we really couldn't understand why they did such things. But eventually, we still love each other in the end.

How often do you find friends like that?

I love my darlingsssss.

Alright, this is the end of the crappy post that you are currently reading. Finally

Thank you for bearing with me throughout this post, I really appreaciate it. Hope this post is long enough. I really wanna update, really. But... i just can't. :D

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