Monday, November 17, 2008

The princess Queen of the Day had a very happy and contented birthday this year.


And, thanks to all of those who wished me regardless through texting or Facebook - I heart you all.

And as for those who didn't, and only thought of it now... it's too late - but I shall pardon you today. LOL. Let's just wait for next year?

I'm 19 big deal. Last year of my teenage years. So... I'll be a complete adult next year? Well, I wasn't a minor also to begin things with!

There's this frequent problem which occurs to me everytime I am questioned about my age. Putting in mind that I'll be starting classes on Jan 2009, I'll be entering a completely new environment with completely new classmates - and self-introduction is an unavoidable thing. And thus, my age problem.

You see, should I say Hello, I'm 19. or Hello, I'm 20 this year?

There's always this type of people who enjoys annoying you by saying "I thought you're 1989 wan??" Ok yes, I was born at 1989, but to be specific, I was a November baby, dear. So, I've only turned 19 like 2 months ago? And now I have say to I'm 20?? What happened to my 19...


So am I 19 or 20?

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