Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There Goes...

I have a big problem with Maxis, Hotlink, 012 - whatever you wish it to be.

Apparently, my number would be expired on the 21st November. So, I bought credit to reload and revive this number before they start forfeiting my account. Hence, reload i did! I tried reloading on the 21st night, cuz normally, they'll only bar your line at 12am sharp. So I was still early wasn't I?? (I tried around 8 something, i think.)


Stupid Maxis Hotlink refused to let me reload. They just insisted that the service was not available. I tried calling and they tell me I'm not registered and visit the Maxis center for more information. wtf.

It was already 8 something (well, i thought it was), so obviously, all the offices would be closed.

Being the procrastinating princess that I sometimes am, I waited till today afternoon when I finally made my way to the Maxis center asking about my account,


It's okay, I don't swear here :D

How can you bar my line at 9 pm?? What reason do you have to bar it at 9 pm? Does 9 pm has a better feng shui for you that you have to choose that time? What if you chap lap at 9 pm?? You bar credits at 12am! I know my number was too beautiful that you have to bar it at every chance you get. Pffft.

Nemai Never mind, I was still patient. I asked whether I could get back the same number, I WILL PAY FOR IT. That fella still shook his head, tak boleh tak boleh.

Okay, fine. I know they were desperate for people who would apply for post-paids. So I asked. Still TAK BOLEH. The only answer he gave was:

You can get back your number.

I was hopeful.

When we regenerate your number and sell it again, but we don't know which part of Malaysia it will be in. *wide smile*

Mother. I really felt like slapping him. Might as well not tell me right.

Conclusion is, I've lost my Hotlink number. It's been with me for years - 8 years. It was my very first number. I liked the number so much.

012 222 7205

It's at some random part in Malaysia now.


Damn Maxis, Hotlink or whatever you call them. I know i betrayed you by using the duck Digi more often. But still, you were my first love.

Number, I miss you. Now, I'm just stuck to random yellow ducks who sings I will follow you in the commercials all the time.

That's pretty sad.

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