Saturday, November 08, 2008

bon appetit.

This is quite disgusting. It was something only minority of the people will realise, I assume. Well, at least I didn't realise it until I read the article about it.

Had you ever wondered which thing contains the most number of bacteria in a restaurant?

The kitchen where there are cockroaches and rat?
The uncleaned dishes with flies?
The smelly toilet?


According to researches done, it is proven that the Menu contains more bacteria than you can even think of! In fact, of different types and species. Amoeba and paramecium? Oh, i forgot. They are microorganisms, not bacteria. XD

Come to think of it, it's pretty revolting. Observations had been conducted and it was observed that a single Menu had been passed on to 4 tables within 15 minutes, and basically, 4 to 6 people have touched it - with their bare hands of course!

All of these people come from different places varying from their own home - or the toilet.

There's this population of people who do not have the habit of washing their hands after they're done with their business in the toilet. Especially old men. So, try imagining how their hands are. And for women, it's pretty disgusting if they change their pads during their menstrual cycle, and comes out from the toilet without washing their hands - and then hold the menu later on!

Okay, besides the toilet. There's other dirty stuff that comes into contact with our hands everyday. Just that we can't see it.

So let's say, after flipping through the Menu, and you've decided to eat fried chicken wings. Few minutes later, your chicken wings come to you smelling so nice - and you lay your hands on it. Don't tell me you eat with a fork or whatever - it's crap.

And there goes the bacteria along with your chicken wings.

Enjoy your meal.

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