Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Nun

*mind the title - inside joke*

Heard a song which I've never heard for such a long time already. And it suddenly hit me so hard when I sang along with its lyrics. The rhythm of the song was a pretty happy one, yet the lyrics, they were devastating.

Tell me why, ain't nothing but a heartache
Tell me why, ain't nothing but a mistake

Yea, what's left now is nothing but a heartache and a continuous resent for our past mistakes.

Girls really want to move on, we really do. But, our hearts won't let us. Does the male heart change easier than a female's?

*Don't tell me you don't know that song. Don't tell me you never liked BackStreet Boys back then. Don't tell me you never thought Nick Carter was cute (for girls, and guys too if applicable)*

If only if was just Eve and Adam, the world would have been fine. It was just the two of them. Three will never be an even number. It will never be balanced for three, as one will collapse. There will never be space for two in a heart - never. It'll only be when the Sun rises from the West, and when lovers don't fall in love.

Sad cheers for those with broken hearts, yet to be broken again. Too frail to be mended - or perhaps, too broken to be mended.

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