Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hidden Mysteries


I'm not old okay. It's my last year being a teen :(

can I still like pink though? lol

You know, you tend to find out facts...facts that there's always these bunch of cheeky people in your MSN list. Especially when it's your birthday. Apparently, all these people are supposedly offline. Mark me - supposedly. When midnight comes, conversations will suddenly pop out wishing you Happy Birthday - and they're all the offline people. CHEEKY LA NO MEH! Hahaha my bunch of cheeky darlings.

They were all offline and one by one they pop out!

yes, i'm finally the same age haha. she made me sound so midget.


*LiHong was added into the conversation later.*

Thanks darlingss! All you darlings wished me in the middle of the night. Love you all larrr. Now, it's just Jia Xin left to join the 19-clan. wtf.

By the way, I'm hungry now. Cake anyone?

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