Tuesday, November 18, 2008


They say love is everything. Lovers swear their loves and claim that their love is strong. But, how strong can it actually be? Can their love stay strong when problem arises? How many Romeo and Juliets will there be and how many Butterfly Lovers are there? In fact, Romeo's first love was never Juliet. She was just a girl forgotten by many as all eyes were on Juliet. Her name was never spoken of, for it was always Juliet.

Once, Boy swore his love for Girl. Boy managed to convince Girl that no one else would love Girl as much as he did. Boy managed to prove to Girl that his love was true. His love was strong. No one else had love like he did. Medieval as it may be, devastating as it may be, Boy loved Girl through everything.

When Girl finally believed that there was no one else like Boy, oh what a foolish girl she was!

Girl was complicated. Girl was afraid of making decisions. Then, She came along and told Boy She loves Boy - and they became lovers. Foolish that she was, Girl still knew of nothing and continued her belief that Boy's love was great.

Until one day, Boy told Girl that he loves She. Catastrophic it was for Girl as her heart broke into a million pieces. Boy and She lived happily ever after.

Wise men say only fools rush in,
For these fools fall blindly in love.

True Love never existed,
For it is just imaginary nonsense created by those fools who foolishly fall in love.

Stupid it is to say,
Imbecile it is to believe.

Oh love, it is time to wake up.

If her heart matters, what about mine?
If her heart is fragile, does it make mine strong?
If she can cry, does it make my tears worthless?
If she says I Love You and I didn't, does it make my love weaker than hers?
If she was just a few days, does it make my few years disappear?

Wake up, Girl. For Boy is not worth the pain and tears. Sweet as She may be in Boy's eyes, Shit it is in Girl's eyes. Girl is left with no one, but herself who got everything stolen from her, and the fragments of her heart - which were crushed by Boy.

Girl hides in her own sanctuary remorsing over her loss and Boy's fraudulence - her fatous belief. No one cares, no one cares. For when will serenity bestow upon her, is yet for us to know.

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