Tuesday, November 04, 2008

we were the superstars!

yes, we were superstars. self-proclaimed ones. (cannot dream wan meh...)

it was MY first time working, since someone claimed that she SELL CHOCOLATES BEFORE....so second time working lor.

This, is seriously the coolest job ever. like, really cool, cool.

Venue: Philharmoic Orchestra, KLCC

surprisingly, it was relatively easy to find. Both of us thought it was a separate buiding somewhere in KLCC since it's so big.

Ok, back to job description. It was some backstage work for some Japanese Jazz Concert. We started work at 12pm and ended work at 10.30 pm.

Basically, we just sat there and stoned for 3/4 of the time. Yes, we were paid to just stone there leh! Jealous? (i know you are...)

We only had to make that the coffee pot is always full. When it gets empty, we have to wash the pot and put more coffee! And when the snacks are finished (basically we were the ones who finished it) , we just add more snacks on the plate. Then, we had to buy them food too.

Quote cm: I don't even know why they hire us.

Work 1: Buy lunch for the crew, and so we did. We did a good job leh. :D

most expensive chap fan (economy rice) we've ever bought.

Talking bout chap fan, this stall is crap. We decided to have dinner there too cuz the chicken looked quite tempting when we looked through. Then i spotted some chicken so i asked the woman "ini bila punya?" Obviously I meant when was it cooked right? Ma der, that lady go say "hari ini punya." wtf. Of course la, telling me my mother is a woman now meh...

And it was freaking expensive. Each of us just took 2 types of chickens, and it was 7 sumthing each! 666

After returning from buying lunch, we resumed our stoning session.

CM: *eyes the BOSS wiping the table* wtf. why is she doing our work??

ahaha, we were desperate for work.

then when nobody was there, we smuggled this from the table (ok la, we were allowed to eat but just pai seh)

then came Work 2.

Work 2: Buy fruits to accompany the food during dinner time.

This time we smart leh. We took our own sweet time. Walked past Sun Moulin, took a peep. And we were gg-fied.

yeap, you guessed it. We sat down and ate these beauties.

Cream puff for CM and Strawberry tart for me =3

We didn't forget our fruits! So after returning, we continued stoning. Finally, really finally, the coffee finished! Then we had to wash the coffee pot.

That was when we discovered....the dai ming seng room! (Superstar room). It isn't a random name. It resembled a hotel room and further inside, there's this humongus dressing table with light bulbs all over it. Neh, those dressing tables that singers use during the Marilyn Monroe days.

Being us, of course we took pictures.

CM washing the cups.
me wiping the pot.
Ching Mun loves the coffee pot a lot.

and somehow, we ended up dong the lala pose in front of the mirror. -___-

Then! We put too much water until all the coffee in the brewer came gushing out! So, we had more work.

CM and her cloth.

Then we went adventuring.

some control thing
space in between backstage and the dai ming seng room.
now you see her
now you don't!
after that only we found out the stupid space got CCTV wan lor!

the corridor.

somehow the door knob is too high up XD

then we made up some lame toilet excuse and went out to buy magazine.

CM: eh, you go toilet so long wan a? Diarrhea for half an hour di!


picture of us err...working.

CM's favourite salty biscuits. DAMN GAY MAN. lame stuff happened in relation to the salty biscuits XD

then we got so bored, we decided to go back into the dai ming seng room to arrange the fruits.


Spot which fruit is missing.

Answer: Dragonfruit.

Reason: It all went into Ching's stomach.
ok lar, i ate ONE grape and ONE kiwi also. oh yea, and we ate rambutans too :D:D

our sexy legs.


my temporary pass.

in the toilet.

can't blame us, the toilet had too many mirrors.

then at 8.30, they told us we could enter the orchestra hall and watch the concert!

the design of the hall was pretty cool and there were boxes in each floor. You see the side of the wall? There'll all seats too. The rules inside were really strict. We can only enter when the emcee starts talking again and phones are not allowed.

There was this guy behind us who makes sure no one uses the phone and opens the door. He fell asleep when the music was on. The second the music stopped, HE WAS THE FIRST TO STAND UP AND CLAP!


the concert was okay..the saxophone guy played until we felt he would get out of breath anytime! The piano guy played until his hands moved so fast. Then there was the cello guy, who only had his solo towards the end.

CM: now we know how the cello sound like.
me: yea lor, all the way not keh leh feh liddat.
CM: this time not so keh leh feh di.

how KLCC looks like when almost all shops are closed.

...and that was our day. honestly, the pictures posted here are like just half of the pictures we took that day.

Ching Mun was so worried they won't pay us cuz our job was seriously too easy.

CM: eh will they pay us a not wan? If not i steal their pot and all the Nescafe home leh!

and at the same time, we came upon a conclusion which can be used as further referrence for you people out there.

Question: which way of cooling superhot coffee is faster? putting it in the fridge or stirring?


yes, we atempted to put our cups of coffee into the fridge cuz it was too hot.


our quote: insignificant existency of superstars.

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