Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foolishly Us

If only there was no such thing as gravity, then maybe - maybe tears won't fall so easily.

If only a heart was immune, then maybe - maybe it won't be broken.

If only.....

If only there was an If, then maybe - maybe.... Things wouldn't end this way.

I find myself always listening to lyrics, and putting my feelings in them. There's this pretty old song, in Chinese though - it's really sad.

I still can't understand, after foolishly thinking for countless nights
The reason why we parted
After all, dreams will disappear
And that's just how far our love can get
Let the broken heart and fractured love be gone with the wind

But why was it that
You didn't bother about what anyone said an insisted on choosing me,
And why is it that
Now we've finally found true love and you gave up on me
What's the point of saying anything, you won't understand anymore
Even if my heart hurts now, what can you do?
Not locking myself inside anymore,
Being wrong over and over again

It was too foolish for me to believe in your promise
Just blame myself for being blinded by love
The things said doesn't matter anymore, but I'll never forget
How do I find my the missing heart?
How do I run away from the empty memories?

Tears keep coming back to me, no matter how hard I try to run. They never fail to come back at me, but why can't you?

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