Tuesday, November 04, 2008

despicable, going on 2.

This is Part 2 of despicable.

An unintended, but bitchy post. So if you don't like this, please proceed to the post below. But i really can't keep it to myself, and blogs are meant for rants. So, this shall be it.

Really very sien lor. Some people got human don't want to be, they'd rather be cats. Copy-cat. Really. Isn't the homo sapien species better than the felines?

Maybe i'm just too great in his/her eyes until must copy everything. What happened to originality?? I'm not going to say what happened here, cuz I know YOU, yes YOU, will open your big fat mouth blabbering to the entire world on what i blogged.

Such a small thing also you want to copy. I know i'm great. I know i'm great. I know i'm great. I know i'm great. I know i'm great. I know i'm great. I know i'm great. I know i'm great.

If *ah kao or ah mao (oh i forgot you're ah mao)...ok, i rephrase, if ah kao or ah chu want to copy me also i'm alright with it, but not you, ah mao.

*There's this phrase which the Chinese use about ah kao or ah mao which literally means dog or cat. Actually it means Person A or B. Meaning some random people la! (ah mao means Cat.)

Not just the act, even the arrangement and way of *censored* also you want to copy!! Irritating. Maybe I just feel irritated cuz it's you who copied lor.

Now I know why those artists hate pirated stuff sold in pasar malam!

That is not enough. I have to admit, I really have something against people who blog in bad English. It's so bad that it's close to rotten.

I'm not a languag-ist *word derived from the word racist. it's so lame that it's not even LOL-able.

I totally have NOTHING against those with a poor command in English, cuz nobody is perfect. And my English is not perfect too. But really, if your English is so rotten, why don't want blog in a language that you have good command of? A few mistakes are okay, but YOUR ENTIRE BLOG IS SO FULL OF HORRIBLE ENGLISH, SO PLEASE - USE ANOTHER LANGUAGE.

Blogs with bad English are hard to read. So why don't want beautify your blog a bit and use your own language? Let it be Chinese, Malay or even Tamil. Engrish? o.O

Not like blogging in English is some cool thing also! Meh.

okay, end of bitch session.

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