Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Were Just So Lame

When you get too free, this is how you'll become - like Jia Xin and I. We were too bored online, and we ended up doing this. I was supposed to be studying. Well, I did. Until she came along. We started drawing faces and laughing over it.

Try guessing who's who. You'll have fun too. :)

(Top: my drawing, Bottom: Jia Xin's drawing)

1) This won't be hard. He likes CRVs.

Answer: Jia Xin's *ahem* stalker

2) Hint: He used to be a table.

Answer: Name will not be revealed here. But I'm pretty sure a few can already guess it.

Tsk Tsk.

3) Here comes the GG one. If you can't guess this, don't say you were from Cempaka.


Answer: Your very beloved English teacher, Ms. Tye :3

Xin, I know you wanted to touch her boobs HAHAHAHA

4)Hint: Thanks to her Li Hong can't pronounce water properly anymore.

Still can't guess it?

Another hint: The guys used to call her roasted tits -_____-

Answer: Pn. Rostita, so-called Science teacher

5) Hint: Our poodle.

I must admit, Jia Xin won me for this picture HAHAHA

Answer: Cik Zainab, our History teacher.

How many did you manage to guess? :D

Too bad we didn't manage to print screen Mrs Lee. Yes, we even drew her. Mine was her sleeping during assembly times! :D:D ChingMun, I know you love her.

Sigh. The good old days when we were still in Secondary. We wanted to draw more, but there was no more space anymore lol. Had a good laugh, didn't you? Too bad I couldn't find their real pictures! We make really good artists!


- at least it lifted you off my mind, and I managed to smile.

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Name: Jonny said...

you didn't study!! not good >_<;
well, at least you smiled.