Thursday, November 06, 2008


This is going to be my very first politics-related blog post. It just popped to my mind so randomly when I was watching tv, and it so happened that my dad was watching the news.

It was a scene where the senators were debated, as usual in the Parliament. Apparently, it was quite a common thing for them to sound as if they're arguing in there, but then, this was when THE issue came.

They were arguing about the issue of putting Chinese road signs in Penang.

Of course, the opposition supported this, and *ahem* cough *ahem* the BN side, were against this.

This was their lame argument: (basically what it meant)

What is the point of putting Chinese in our road signs. Can people read them?? And you're Chinese, you're a citizen of this country, not a tourist, so why is there a need to have road signs in Chinese?

hello? Yes, we're Chinese. Doesn't mean that every single Chinese citizen in this country understands BM right? What about the senior citizens? What about those who gets lost, and may most probrably manage to find their way out IF there were Chinese road signs? (This is just an assumption.)

You argue that we're a citizen of the country, so it's pretty obvious that we should understand the language. Fine. I'm completely okay with that. But, what about the "not a tourist" thing?

So you mean every tourist who comes to Malaysia can't read Chinese and can read BM? HAHAHA! Then what about tourists from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan? They're not tourists meh. Even the Japanese may even understand better if there were Chinese signs. (cuz Japanese tend to have Chinese in their writings too) Maybe the only type of tourists who comes to Malaysia are Indonesians lor.

So, still got no point meh?

People want add road sign also cannot...

Thus this reminded me of America's first black president: Barrack Obama. and thus the title of this post.

Really, make a change.

Note: There are no elements of racism in this post. Really. No prejudice or whatsoever which may come in relation. Just what I personally think. So don't catch me and put me into jail, i still have my unstarted course to complete. LOL.

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