Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...And A Happy New Year

The year is coming to an end, or should we say - a whole new year is just around the corner.

This year has been a rather unproductive, emo-fied year for me. Reflecting back on the things I did through the year, I felt bad. I've done nothing much - and that's not good. Ever since I've finished my A-Levels, I've been lazing around rotting at home for like - half a year? Well, I have a partner in crime who also rotted for half a year. :D

What have I done through the half year period?

After kissing my Economics book goodbye happily in June, I've been surviving on those HK dramas everyday - name the show and I can tell you what happened from beginning till end.

At least I didn't completely waste my time, I still attended my Japanese classes twice a week. Then September came and I had to go for classes thrice a week, Saturday classes :D:D

Oh ya, I also worked. I worked with Ching Mun and we made hundred bucks a day doing nothing.

Then, there was the duration where I was a crazy emo freak. I cried day and night till my eyeballs almost fell out, looking like some swollen-eyed goldfish everyday and still having no idea where my contact lenses went. That was bad. Sigh. Nevermind, the Sun will always shine again after the rain and the rainbow will appear to make me smile :)

And December, I'm here typing this, looking back into my entire year. Almost a week more and it's Christmas babes! Thought of how to celebrate your Christmas yet? :D There's the beautiful fireworks! /omg. I wanna watch it in Curve! :( :(

Talking bout celebrating... New Year will be right after Christmas! What about New Year's Eve? Countdown in KL sucks, it's always so crowded. Yuck. My mum betrayed me by suddenly telling me that she has a colleague's wedding dinner to attend, and my betrayer dad may most prolly not be in KL. I guess I'll just watch the fireworks alone by the balcony on New Year's Eve. wtf. So sad lah !!


- smuggle me away, anyone?

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