Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Treasure Hunting

And so we went treasure hunting today. Xin came and joined me in my treasure hunt - it was so random. Met her and off we went to Borders cuz she wanted to search for books to read. /omg. Yea, Xin reading. We're a bunch of pretty surprising people sometimes. :D

see how happy she is when she is choosing her book.

all I did was to sit there, and started whoring with my phone - eventually deleting every pic.

I have sexy lips like Angelina Jolie's.

this picture is so cute haha

and now she's contented with the book she reached for.

look at her steam face. Wondering why? Cuz we found this book:

yeap, we wanted to know. But we still came up with the same conclusion.

Yeap, exactly What Men Want.

Ching Mun, I think we've found the perfect book for you. *check picture below*

*ignore Ho Kok Mun above*

Johnny Be Good. AHAHAHA!

perhaps, the book might also be ngam for another person.

The one witout the H

we spent friggin long in Topshop's Fitting Room.

I think the person would just assumed that we were a pair of lesbians who were desperate to make out. wtf.

and you know what's the best?

I've found it.

- and that was my day.

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