Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Royal Matters

Finally, I've managed a date with my long lost darling. Florence, the other princess ❤

It has been ages since I last met her. We used to see each other almost everyday last time. :(

The minute she saw me, she started laughing and said

"Wtf. I can't believe I'm seeing youuuu."

Yea, you're not. It was all a dream haha. Joker la her. But the time we had together was so short. :(

I really miss her. Our bitching sessions. Our rushing for class sessions. Our eh let's skip Economics sessions. Seriously, we only turned up for like 1/4 of the entire year's Economics classes. Sigh. Those were the days in Taylors. :(

Nevermind, I'll be joining her in HELP soon! Then we can hang around and be late, again.

Flo: When you come, I think I'll skip class to see you again.

Me: Haha wtf. I think I might end up doing the same too.

Flo: Yah. Then the cycle happens again. But this time, we hang around in G.

Me: wth is G??

Flo: It's the so-called happening place.

Me: Hahaha wtf. So it's like the platform in AC la??

Flo: Yah.

Hahaha. Wth. She even started planning ahead already when I join her in January. She even thought of differing her course to join me and restart her entire course all over again. This is why I love her so much lol.

Two hours is really not enough. Sigh. I don't mind spending the entire day with her - cuz it will never be enough :)

Flo: How old is he?

Me: 26.

Flo: EH! MY TYPE! I LIKE I LIKE! *beams*

Me: Yes, i know you do. -_______________-

She's still so funny lar. Apparently HELP is such a saddening place. I miss Taylorsss :(

sorry, no pics of us together.

I look too horrid.

I think I've became ugly-fied recently. I tend to look fugly in pics nowadays.

Coffee Bean's Chiken Pie.
my breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

The outer layer is way too crispy. People who know me will definitely know that I am very bothered about table etiquette. Look at how messy mine ended up. -___________-

'Twas my day :)

- what is it that is still missing? Don't tell me it's the heart, cuz you'll never know how sad I'll be. I really don't know :(

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