Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Was Too Bored For This

It's the middle of the night now. Xin went off for her smoking break. My goodness, how horrible we all looked in the video call. The first thing when the cam was on, we just started laughing our heads off. That was how ugly the 3 of us looked. XD

Okay, I was too bored and somehow came up with this. Sorry. This is going to be another pointless post. :( It's gonna be lengthy too - so, only read this when you have nothing better to do. Don't say I didn't warn you.

But at least you'll get to understand me more - whoever that's reading this. Just don't stalk me. HAHA!

1) I have a weird fetish for long sleeves. I'm really into sleeves, be it male or female. If you're a female who wears your sleeves in a chio way, I might look at you. <3>

2) I was an ace student back then in school. Well, I still aced my Chemistry! LOL.

3) Ching Mun and I used to hate each other during Primary. I thought that she thought that I was a bitch (and thus hated her), and she thought that I thought that she was a bitch (and thus hated me). wtf.

4) I knew Xin since we were 3. I don't even remember when was the first time I actually met her. -___-

5) I got to know Jia Xin because of the F4 frenzy 8 years back.

6) The first thing I did for Li Hong was to type the entire booklist out for her.
She was still a complete stranger whom I've never met then. who then became my darling

7) I'm really afraid of heights.

8) I'm a chicken when it comes to roller coasters. -_____-

9) I love songs for their lyrics.

10) I used to think that smoking was cool
- well, not anymore.

11) I hated and still does this particular stranger smoker who burnt my hand with his cigarette bud, looked at me awhile and looked off without apologizing! Leaving this horrible black scar on my hand.

12) I think that girls look very sexy when they play pool.

13) I never knew how to read Chinese until 8 years back and this relates to the F4 frenzy.

14) I've waited for a guy for 3 hours plus
don't ask me why and never got angry. Surprising how I managed it.

15) I have an evil side which you'll hardly see - unless you piss me off big time, and so far, only one person's experienced it.

16) I've always thought of getting a nice tattoo on my back but chickened out.

17) I really can't stand people who blog in rotten English.
Rotten - really rotten. I don't mind bad English, but I really can't take rotten English.

18) I was really fat few years back.

19) I don't club despite my face which looks as if I club day and night.
Try getting me to club with you, and all my friends will wonder what power you used on me.

20) I actually love to read. I can stay on the couch reading the same book the entire day.

21) I also actually love poems and quotes. Shhh. No one knows about this.

22) I'm a Law student, but becoming a lawyer never ever crossed my mind.

23) The English word which I say the most is "Really?" and i've just realised that recently. -_____-

23) I used to have an imaginary friend, i think. wtf.

24) I suck at anything in relation to Math. I can't count properly.
I've dropped Physics, Add Math and Math cuz they all requied Mathematical Skills.

25) I was never good at sports. I'm too lazy and I hate the sticky feeling when you sweat.

26) I hate Economics. I kept reminding myself to include this. I just hate it too much.

27) I managed to make an addicted smoker stop smoking. :D:D Amazing how I did that.

28) I've never read nor watched Doraemon.

29) I've never studied a week before the exam. I only do them 3 days before the exam.
I see my friends all burying their faces into their textbooks, and I'll pretend studying too. wtf.

30) I only tie half of my hair and refuse to cut my nails back in school and got fined countless times for that. Just to irritate those irritating prefects.

31) I don't enjoy fast rides.

32) I avoid taking lifts alone.
Never. Freaks me out - it's my phobia.

33) I am capable of talking continuously with a person whom I can click with, yet, I can be extremely quiet with people I don't. I know some of you out there won't believe this but yes, it has happened before.

34) The comments I always got from teachers since kindergarten till college were the same - talkative.

35) I've never had short hair in my entire life so far. - those short hair pictures of me, are all due to skills. :D

36) I've cried so much that I woke up the next day wondering where my contacts were. - till now, I still have no idea where they are, and I have no memory of removing it. Thus, I think either it fell off, or it's still somewhere lost in my eye.

37) I have a weird liking for a picture no, it's not my own vain pictures and I shall keep it my secret. :3

Alright, finally I've managed all 37 random facts about myself! Are you sure you read everything? I don't think so. I still think you jumped all the way till here. Try convincing me. Now, do you still think you know me well?

- this is me, did you know?

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