Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gifts and Prezzies

Christmas is just around the corner. :) Everywhere I see people busy buying and choosing gifts for their friends and family.

Received an early Christmas present last night. No, it's not from whoever you people think it is.

The perfume I wanted so badly!

Anna Sui Secret Wish (the green one)

Anna Sui Secret Wish Magic Romance (the pink one)

plus a few miniatures,

Flower by Kenzo

F for Fascinating - Salvatore Ferragamo

Into The Blue - Escada

Burberry London

I love love love love you who bought me this! :D

*see, i use love love love. so it really isn't who you people think it is*

and this, is my secret.

Hint: It isn't a gift I received.

so yea...should be able to guess right?

- If I could, I won't let it be a lonely Christmas this year.

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