Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Muchas Gracias

So much for childish happenings.

One day, you'll calm down and let's hope that understanding will finally dawn upon you. Stop being so biased. Nuff said.

Thank you for all those who were there last night. Sounds gay, but - Thanksssss.

Thanks to...

...my darling who made such a masterpiece *and you know what I mean* despite having exam the next morning. - I might consider helping you construct your bomb. But can we just bomb his house in Japan only?

...my darling who also listened to all I had to say and bitched with me despite being broken hearted herself. - Lets go burning one day!

...my darling who was also there for me while reading her manga and busy with her baby. - I love you heapss!

...my not-darling-but-still-close-darling who bitched with me despite being far far away in US. - Hope you the cold goes away soon, and stop dungeon-ing.

and lastly,

...to You, who woke up and talked to me when I really needed you despite that you were halfway sleeping and had work the next day. - You really heard me :3


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