Monday, December 08, 2008

Out Of Time

I'm very tulan. You know, the irritating feeling where you try searching for something that you really want - and you can't find it no matter how hard you try.

These few days, I've been searching high and low for a certain something. Something that I want pretty badly.

I've tried finding it in Shop 1. (It's a very well-known shop and has many branches around KL). I've tried their branches over at Sunway Pyramid, Cheras, One Utama and even Curve - but to no avail. Very irritating lor, they're so big, and the thing I want is so small, they don't have it. =x

Then I tried Shop 2. (It's another big big shop). This time in Mid Valley. Despite being so humongous, they don't have it too. Reluctant to give up, I made the person check it up in their computer for me. Apparently, they were out of stock. So I told them I'll order, then this is what happened.

Person: You can order it if you want to.

Me: Okay. How long does it take? Cuz I really need it urgently.

Person: Erm, actually.. We are currently upgrading our system now...

Me: So it'll arrive late? Can you ask them to send it earlier? I'll pay the extra charges... ( I sounded pretty desperate -_____- )

Person: I'm sorry, we really can't. But you can come back and order again once we're done.

Me: Alright. How long does it take for you guys to upgrade the system?

Person: We'll be done next year. :D

Die lor. Next year too late already. What kind of shop needs upgrading for so long until next year? Sigh. :(

So, my very last resort, is Shop 3 (another shop in Mid Valley) and Shop 4 in KLCC. But I hardly go KLCC! (This shall be my very very very last resort.)

Sigh sigh sigh.

I shall go to class earlier tomorrow and drop by Mid Valley in hope that I can find it. :D

I need it before Christmas. It's the one and only gift I'm giving this Christmas.. So let me find it please? :(

- sometimes, you really make me so lost.

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