Monday, December 15, 2008

It Could Have Been Perfect...

I really think I can already work in Mid Valley. Have been going there so often in one week. I would be there again this Weds

My very random cousin asked me in the middle of the night:

"Let's go Mid Valley tomorrow. I wanna buy Christmas presents."

Fetched her from her house 8 hours later and off we went. It's been ages since I've went out with her - and we're becoming more and more alike -________-

well, she's screwed up her fringe like mine too :)

Had lunch at Zanmai

the only picture I was satisfied with.

cuz you can't see me clearly :x



We like the same food too -_______-

She ordered so much food and doesn't get fat. I really felt like slapping her when it came to the point when she said "if only I could gain some weight. I don't ask much, just 5 kg will do."

Skinny bitches :p

- the sky had no stars that night, but it doesn't matter. Having you by my side would be just as fine. A thousand stars wouldn't make it better if I didn't have you by my side.

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