Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keep Bleeeeeeeding.

Yes, keep bleeding till your heart is numb. I'm not joking. Perhaps, a numb heart won't be able to feel emotions. :)

Okay, it's also in relation to my day today lol. Had an awesome day with my two darlings - Xin and Ching Mun. Ching Mun darling skipped class for me, how sweet of her.

It's been so long since we've had so much fun together. The last time was like - err, high school?

wtf. I swear I'm getting ugly. I don't know wtf happened to my eyes that they're hideous now in pictures. If it's not the eyebags, it'll look swollen. Bitch. :x

And by the way, we met Cik Zakiah and Mr Sheat! Our dear Biology and Chemistry teachers hahaha. They said we changed a lot (did we? perhaps its the make up haha) and Cik Zakiah only remembers my name... err, was I that naughty?

While waiting for Xin to come join us, Ching and I lined up to buy tickets. The line was so frikkin' long it was all the way till McDonald's! But it felt like just 5 minutes.

Reason: We camwhored our way through.

We looked up, and were like "oh cool, it's our turn already. So fast." wtf.

just one of the gazillion pictures taken.

sorry, I really look horrid :x

We watched Wild Child. Not bad :)

She's pretty :)

After that, we went off for lunch. Was on the way to Zanmai when we walked past ShiLin, we decided to eat there and ordered everything they had in the shop.

Clockwise: Egg Crepe, Seafood Tempura, Mee Sua, some Crispy Chicken Rice.

Finally, Xin came. Ching wanted to develop pictures of her boy boy :)

waiting for Ching.

Xin was about to candid me :p

waiting for Xin to check out her heels in Nose.

Damnit. I still bought heels lar. Was waiting for Ching this morning, and I ended up buying two pairs of heels. Blame my legs for walking in :x

We wanted to kill time, and off we went to Red Box. Miracle it didn't rain :D

we're just short petite. :3

Mind the Tall Woman.

She's just a passerby :D

Ching: make love in this club

Xin: ey ey ey

wtf. I was laughing like mad.

i don't know what i was doing -_____-

CM screamin in the background:

your love is a lieeeeeeee

I look like some happy girlfriend leaning on my lesbian lover ❤

I swear this was candid. Yuck. Why is my bone sticking out so disgustingly?

Ching: you can stand under my umbrella

Me: ella ella ella

Xin: eh eh eh eh

Yes, Ching was still screaming in the background.

This kept them happy.

Ching, it doesn't work on your sore throat.

Actually, I was on the phone outside the room when I suddenly heard frantic screams.


I turned around, it was the two of them


It was so old-school that day.

Ching Mun started it with I Lay My Love On You followed by I Want It That Way. Yea, Backstreet Boys.

Then it was My Love from Westlife. Ching insisted on singing it twice. How Do I Live, Lucky, Because of You and of course, we still sang new songs lol.

We ended it with Truly, Madly, Deeply. Our all time favourite :)

I don't know when this was taken but GOOD, can't see my fugly eyes.

We couldn't find Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade


The emo part of our hearts could have screamed more.

I like the lighting here.

And... that was my day :)

Sometimes, they just make my day. It's always the best way to lift your mind off sad happenings.

- If only I had Them everyday, perhaps - just perhaps, sadness might have some mercy on me and ease my heart which was taken away by You.

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