Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Random Day

'xin says: EH LET'S YAM CHA AT MV :D

and that was how it started. Called ChingMun, and off to meet them at 4.

Starbucks it was. Stupid lor. My fringe was in such a disastrous condition. The stupid clip betrayed me and snapped into half when I was fixing my hair :x

I can't wait till it gets long again.

Didn't take much pics. My face was too horrid, and the wind was so bad. I think that was the reason why my contacts were crazily dry later that day.

How can a meet up with them end with no pictures?

I think she was trying to dig Ching's nose. I was busy with something else:

fixing my hair. :x

she looks all quiet and good girl here.

but failed lor.

and this woman is whoring with my phone.

one of the many end product.

and as for me, I gave up.

and went off to buy another clip before going to class :D

Picture Of The Day,

Our cute goldfish.

This. Is. Good.

I wanna fly to Japan and buy all of them before Xin bombs it one day.

Xin, at least leave out the factory please.

- I'm glad you liked it, It'll just make my day. I hope it made yours too :)

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